Who we Serve

Architects & Engineers

We provide “Relief & Rescue” to Architects & Engineers that are overwhelmed with the current workload, frustrated with poor internal performance or firms that simply prefer to keep their best people in the office. Our participation enables you, the Architect to focus your valuable time on those creative architectural skills & core competencies that have made you successful.

Additionally, our pricing model enables you to significantly improve your margins.

Property & Realty Developers

If your responsibilities include overseeing existing Lease Agreements then you understand that discrepancies between the stated gross square footage in a lease and the actual useable and percentage of “common space” can frequently cost enterprises hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary expense or under-billing over the life of a Lease Agreement!

ENTIGY Designs, Inc. focuses on providing field verified “as-built” CAD documentation services. We have been supporting Corporate Enterprises, Property and Realty companies and Architectural / Engineering firms who require:

  • Field Verified Floor Plans: surveying all partitions
  • Field Verified Tenant Plans: capturing demising walls
  • Square Footage Analysis to BOMA, REBNY and/or your specific company specs
  • Visual Field Verifications confirm existing CAD & record drawing accuracy
  • CAD file conversion (converting existing paper and PDF plans into a uniform CAD format)

Local & National Commercial Retailers

ENTIGY Designs, Inc. has extensive experience with numerous national commercial / retail clients, including:

  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • Tractor Supply Company
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • Dunkin Donuts