Why Entigy Designs?

ENTIGY Designs, Inc. was born as a result of fifteen years with various architecture firms, having witnessed projects suffer or completely fail due to missed deadlines, poor communication, inaccurate information, poorly developed project planning, as well as the consequences of simply being “too busy”.


We pride ourselves in providing a quality service that fully considers the client’s timeframe & budget requirements. Each document displays proper layering, line weights, annotation, & use of x-references, all per your company’s standards if necessary. This ensures that end users receive the highest quality assimilation of our work into their projects.


We use extremely accurate laser measuring equipment for all work. We photograph everything. In addition, we check each drawing during a comprehensive quality control review. This ensures that each element of the existing condition document is coordinated and verified prior to its dissemination. As professional surveyors, we understand how crucial it is to deliver the most accurate plans possible to other architectural and construction professionals.


All our work is warranted 100%. If you ever suspect a discrepancy in our work, we will return to the site and re-survey the area in question at no additional cost.


We carry General Liability insurance for all field work while on site.


We have performed a multitude of services in the blue highlighted states & have a national network of professionals who can assist with Engineering, Contracting, Permit Expediting, & other valuable services throughout the country.